Grand Cherokee WJ Glass Protection Grille

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Protect the windows of your off-road vehicle while driving offroad with the Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ glass protection grille. Jeep WJ glass grill consists of 2 parts and is compatible with the Grand Cherokee WJ model. The WJ glass grille is for the rear tailgate windows. The product is 1.50 mm black eigenche cut and grainy painted. The assembly process of the product can be done with screws, as well as with self-tapping screws and adhesive dayson silicone. With the Jeep logo on the WJ Glass protection product, it provides a nice appearance to your vehicle. Feel free to send a message for any questions you may have.

WJ Side Window Protection Rear 2 Sides 550 TL

WJ Mudguard Guard Bars Rear 2 Pieces 800 TL

Rear Glass Protection 500 TL

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Ek bilgi

Ağırlık 8 kg
Boyutlar 80 × 80 × 35 cm


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